Backpackers INSIDE was opened in June 2009 by Taek, my sister Jiyeon and me. We met by chance on the crowded street in Delhi, India in 2001 at first. And Taek and I traveled together for a month, it was my first trip abroad. Since then, Taek has become my good advisor as like a big brother. I didn’t have any plan to have my own business or open a hostel before. I worked at ‘Such a Great Samsung’ as a semiconductor engineer for 2years after graduate university.  But I couldn’t find any special reason to keep going on my career because I was tired of stressful hardworking life. Besides, I even didn’t smile any more. So I quitted the job and then packed my backpack for travel around  the world. After coming back from my trip, I would like to have made a camping tour around Korea because I got a strong impression of Africa truckking tour, it was best journey in my world wide trip. (I still have this dream in my future!)
Minyong, Taek and Jiyeon(in Varanasi, 2001)
In progress of renovation(May, 2009)
A rainy day on 24th of Apr. 2009,  we decided to open guesthouse for backpackers as a special funny place to fulfill our wish for travel. And then we were setting up everything by ourselves include  making a business master plan, creating our own interior concept, business material ‘s design and renovating old building. It turned out to be a perfect combination of us! Taek always cheered me up and Jiyeon advised me with sober judgment. Since that day three of us worked every day with joy to create something special in the heart of Seoul.Of course, It was able to go well with many friends’ help. Originally I was an engineer and doing this was one big jump in the blank….but looking back it was the best jump I’ve ever made. And now I’m considering  to extend our business into different territories such as tour agency, consulting or something funny. Since 21 Jun 2009, we hope all of our guest have a great, meaningful and happy journey with our space.
In our common room(x-mas party)