Beautiful treasure island – Namhae (남해)

Namhae offical website :

Direction:: Only bus : 4hr 30min : 23,700won

Seoul (Nambu express bus terminal) => Namhae 
7am, 8am,9am, 10:10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:10pm, 3:10pm, 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm
Namhae => Seoul 
6am, 7am, 9am, 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm

As always Min&Mia decide to travel just day before and find someone care here INSIDE then…do travel.
Here I want to share great travel experience in Namhae.
We are not really know and care about history of the place whenever we do travel.
Just ride a bicycle and relax ….set tent(camping) eat famous local food…see great view….that’s all.

Here Namhae is worth to travel in the point of ours. 

After eat breakfast in the main market nearby bus-terminal….Ready to drive !!!

When I found this old fashion storage…..I though I am in europe…not in Korea !
Local people said…it is older than 100 years….maybe ?? believe or not
IMG_9381 IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9384 IMG_9385 IMG_9386

also here is old – abandoned house.

I thought it should be easy to ride when I heard Namhae island…but it was my mistake….
There was too many …no…almost mountains…so really hard to ride bicycle.
but the view ….is no way to doubt.
IMG_9410 IMG_9413

Darangi village

“Darangi Field of Gacheon Village on the sightseeing road of southern coast is a popular driving course in Namhae.

This is a narrow and long stairs type rice paddy cultivated from a steep mountain slope, which faces the blue sea. “

But personally this village doesn’t looks like as I read.
It changing to modern & tourist place as quickly as more tourist coming.

Half of rice paddy land was empty and village it self is too steep to walk though.

IMG_9416 IMG_9419

BEST way to travel Namhae is ride BUS !!!
Feel like Island safari tour riding.

IMG_9427 IMG_9432

Sangju silver sand beach :: One of best part in Namhae

The Sangju Beach with a magnificent view of Mt. Geum as a background is the most beautiful getaway spot in south coast. The sand beach along the circular ocean beach where natural trees and rocks defense the waves! The Sangju Beach with the nation’s best sand is wooded with 100 years old pines so it has been spotlighted as the summer vacation spot.

The Sangju Beach, which is 22km south from Namhae-eup, has easy sand slop and high water temperature, so it has the best qualities as vacation spot for families with children. Jump into the water of Sangju after a walk at Mt. Geum


It was great place to camping and perfect beach to swimming even though I don’t swimming. haha
See Min & Mia’s camping style.

IMG_9434  IMG_9438  IMG_9441   IMG_9459 IMG_9487 IMG_9495 IMG_9497 IMG_9498
Good morning~~~
 IMG_9501 IMG_9509 IMG_9513 IMG_9518  

Geumsan & Boriam : MUST MUST visit place.
I want to go back to Namhae just because of Geumsan ! View of Geumsan is super great !

  IMG_9559 IMG_9560





Food time : Sliced raw fish :: most restaurant in Namhae is delicious ~ 

IMG_9585 IMG_9586    

Time to back to home……I will keep update our travel ~ see you again.


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