Eco-healthy friendly guesthouse ep1)

Is the air from the a/c really healthy and good enough for humans’ health?

 I didn’t really consider and have deep thoughts about a/c while I was running the guest house.

I just concerned about cool air for 2 months time in summer Korea, and none has informed me about it.

Perhaps just cleaning the filter….

But according to Mia a/c is the one of the main reason for atopic dermatitis

 or Respiratory disease and for instance we had test with cleaning our room first. We completely disassemble the A/c and sterilize the cooler and Cooling fins. Laminate it with phytoncide. The shocking truth is the cooler wasn’t supposed to be a black color.

cooling fan cleaning

This was real disaster that I couldn’t ever imagine.

Let’s clean and wash all the a/c in every single room at Backpackers INSIDE.

So finally today, we paid great amount of money to clean everything.
ac cleaing 1 ac cleaing 2 ac cleaing 3

Of course no one would realize this. But I am proud myself.

I hope INSIDERS would proud as well. Who on earth would clean this among the all owners of guest house?

I know clearly inside rooms are not as good or fancy as other new guest houses’.

But at least INSIDE wouldn’t distinguish between my own room and guest rooms.

I am proud myself for being able to share the healthy life with our guests (INSIDERS).

If other guests agree with this inside’s healthy motto and philosophy I hope you guys share this with your friends and spread, introduce to others as well.


In addition, Mia personally think a/c company should think of productive cleaning ways rather than better functional a/c system if they could. If so they will sell way more than now

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