[Guest of the Day] Wei

INSIDE seoul hostel guest of the day


Sometimes, it doesn’t take much talking to meet very interesting people! This is especially the case in guesthouses, where people from all places and styles meet each other and bond!

Last week, we had the pleasure to have amongst us a guest from China, Wei, who came to Korea as part of his work. I didn’t get to talk to Wei much the first days, if anything, I actually only engaged in conversation on his last two days, but I was very touched by Wei’s natural kind personality towards everybody. Wei randomly helped me with packing up a parcel while I was struggling with tape bits, he also later brought his own extension cord so that everyone could charge their devices in the common room, naturally, just like that. That day, I really felt like knowing Wei a bit more, so we started a nice conversation despite the language barrier! With an open google Translate tab on our side, I discovered that Wei had come to Korea to guide Chinese tourists through some Korean superstars’ busy schedules so that they would achieve their dream of meeting their favourite idols.

In addition to being a great guest, respectful of other people and very outgoing, Wei turned out to be a real adventurer, extensively practicing caving, rock-climbing and camping! He shared amazing pictures of his backpacking expeditions with us, and we got to discover a lot about Tibet, where he had spent a few months quite recently!

Wei is bound to come back for other business trips in Korea, so we really hope we will get to see him soon again here at INSIDE!

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