INSIDE Backpackers Staff Picnic – ICE FISHING

Hello, Annyong haseyo INSIDERS!!! INSIDE family, we all went to Chungpyung where is out of Seoul about 2 hours drive away for ice fishing! Because January and February it is cold enough to get all the river is frozen. However it is quite weird weather this year because it is not as cold as usual winter weather. But it is still cold enough to go ice fishing on the frozen river.

And we decided to visit ICE FESTIVAL in Chungpyung. The ice fishing season will be until 26th of January. And the festival place will be near Chungpyung station. And the entrance fee is 12,000 won per person.

Look at the beautiful ice cliff. It was amazing. So we bought the fishing rods, and baits. And make a hole on the frozen river. Then its time to catch many fish. All we need to do is just wait and let the fish bite the baits!!!

Besides the ice fishing, there are other entertainments to do next to fishing area such as ice slides, Catching fish with own hands in the water, and many many foods.

And we caught many fish!!!!! Its our result of staying in freezing weather.

And guess what did we do after???!!! HAPPY MEAL TIME with fresh fish. So at the festival, we are allowed to bring 3 fish per person. And if we bring the fish out, we can head to the restaurant, and they could make it raw fish sashimi or grill it directly.
Overall, It will be really good experience to go ice festival and fishing on the frozen river, especially insiders who are from South Eastern Asia. And whoever wants to enjoy the real winter season in Korea. It could only happen in Korea winter in freezing weather with nice nature sight views. We really recommend to visit there and have good experience. Get some warm clothes and jump into there! YEY! CHEEEEERS =)          

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