Membership Training at Mt. Taebaek

Yes!!! can you see what time is it now? It is not 5.15 P.M it is 5.15 A.M And that is just the Time that we leave the Backpackers INSIDE. So it means we have to wake up at 4.00 a.m, For some people it was not that easy *ahem* Britta *ahem*

We took the Intercity Bus from the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.
It took 3 Hours(22,900 won/one-way) to get to the east side of Korea where the Mt. Taebaek is.

After 3 hours sleep in the Bus, everybody was excited. When we had to get off the bus, the first thing what we did was buying a ticket. It costs only 2000 won. After we purchased our ticket we looked around and realized how beautiful it is here. Everything was completely white, and full of snow whereas Seoul isn’t at all. It was sooooo beutiful!!! but so cold ㅠㅠ As you can see in the picture, it was -14 degree on the ground level, but at the summit of the mountain, it’s -22 degree. Many People have the same Goal as us…. to clime the Mountain. And most of them was Older than us. FIGHTIIIING!!! Lets bounce~
We hiked quite slowly, because we all wanted to enjoy the view of the snow mountain, and as mia is a good photographer, she took many beautiful pictures. It took us 3hours to get on the top of the mountain. When we finally managed to conquer Mt.Taebaek.
Once we got to the top, everyone was like speechless with beautiful wonderful view. We looked at the view in admiration. We couldn’t capture the view in the camera, and describe with the words. JUST ADMIRED.

And “what time is it now???” according to Roy’s joke.. IT’s “RAMEN TIME”
We had cup noodles and some sweet potatoes. It was real delicious specially to eat at the Top of the Mountain.
And we climbed down the mountain. We took the bus back to Seoul.
Finally we went to dinner at 9pm. We had our favorite dinner!!! Of course it was BBQ!!! *nom nom* The so-maek which is mixed drink with Soju and Beer was so great after hiking with tired body. It washed out our tiredness. We highly recommend to our INSIDERS the beautiful snow mountain TAEBAEK ! Get your backpack, come to Seoul, visit many nice places!  
Taebaeksan Mountain (태백산) encompasses several peaks such as Yeongbong Peak, where in the past, people would conduct rites to venerate Heaven at Cheonjedan, Janggunbong Peak (1,567m) and Munsubong Peak (1,517m).  
Hiking Course
▲ The entrance of Uilsa Temple (유일사 입구) → Uilsa Temple (유일사) → Janggunbong Peak, Cheonjedan (장군봉, 천제단) (4km, 2 hours) ▲ The entrance of Baekdansa Temple (백단사 입구) → Banjae (반재) → Manggyeongsa Temple (망경사) → Cheonjedan (천제단) (4km, 2 hours) ▲ Danggol (당골) → Danggol Plaza (당골광장) → Banjae (반재) → Manggyeongsa Temple (망경사) → Cheonjedan (천제단) (4.4km, 2 hrs, 30min) ▲ Munsubong Peak (문수봉) → Danggol Plaza (당골광장) → Jedanggol (제당골) → Munsubong Peak (문수봉) → Cheonjedan (천제단) (7km, 3 hours) ▲ Geumcheon Valley (금천계곡) → Munsubong Peak (문수봉) → Busoebong Peak (부쇠봉) → Cheonjedan (천제단) (7.8km, 4 hours)
Admission Fees
Adults: 2,000 won / Group: 1,500 won Youths: 1,500 won / Group: 1,000 won Children: 700 won / Group: 500 won * Group: 30 people or more
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Taebaek (태백). * Bus Schedule: 06:00-23:00, 30-40min intervals From Taebaek Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Danggol (당골). Get off at Taebaeksan Provincial Park (태백산도립공원). * Bus Schedule: 07:38-22:25, runs 24 times a day

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