Min&Mia’s Seoul Picnic ep3. Dobongsan Mountain

Basically Min & Mia like climbing. We don’t have much time to do climb last year, but we wish climbing more mountains in this year. I will show you winter mt in this post. Let’s go~~ I told you Dobongsan but here entrance said Bukhansan …..because korean mountain is not only a single peak normally it consist with many peaks…..means mountain ranges.. Photographer Mia !!! I think today the Dobongsan have two face…..late Autumn & winter face.. And temple !!! In Korea mostly nice mountain means have at least one temple. This temple Cheonchuksa , offer free lunch ~~!!!! Here Jaunbong peak view is so great !!   We decide to go down other way, but it was our mistake…… Lost our way and road is so slippery and dangerous. We spent 3hr to find out way to home…haha So tired but was great. Dobongsan !!! must visit mountain in Korea !!! Would you like to drink cup of coffee on the top ? [Introduction] Dobongsan Mountain, located northeast of Bukhansan National Park, is known for the magnificent rock formations of the Manjangbong, Seoninbong, Jubong, Obong and Uiam Peaks. The Seoninbong Peak has 37 hiking courses, including the famous Bakjwi (Bat) Course The mountain is also home to Cheonchuksa Temple, the oldest temple in the region, and several other temples including Mangwolsa and Hoeryongsa, as well as a number of beautiful valleys called Donong, Songchu, Obong [Direction] Dobongsan Mountain Station (Seoul Subway Line 1 & 7), Exit 1.

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