Street Food

- 떡볶이 Spicy tteokbokki : rice cake called garaetteok broiled with hot pepper paste called gochujang
- 순대 Sundae : Korean sausage with glass noodle inside pork organ
- 어묵 Eomuk : fish cake with worm soup
- 김밥 Gimbap : rice roll with black seaweed and many ingredients
- 호떡 Hotteok :  wheat flour dough filled with dark brown sugar, cinnamon, sesame, and chopped peanuts

Best Eats

김치 Kimchi

Cabbages and other vegetables are soaked in salt water, then seasoned with different spices before being fermented.

비빔밥 Bibimbap

A dish made by mixing rice with various other cooked vegetables with hot pepper paste called gochujang  

삼겹살 Samgyepsal(pork belly, Korean BBQ)

Grilled pork meat with various vegetables.

갈비 구이 Grilled Galbi (Seasoned ribs)

Ribs of beef or pork are sliced into easy to eat portions, then marinated in seasonings before being grilled

삼계탕 Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken soup)

Boiled young chicken soup with various ingredients(rice, ginseng, garlic, jujube, chestnuts)

찜닭 Jjimdak

Pieces of chiken with glass noodle, vegetables seasoned with spicy soy sauce

냉면 Naengmyeon

Noodles served in cold beef broth- the soup is refreshing. There is also bibim naengmyeon, which doesn’t have soup but is mixed with red pepper paste instead

짜장면 Jjajangmyeon

Noodles with sweet black sauce, fried vegetables and pork meat

해물파전 Haemul Pajeon

pan-fried dish made with plenty of green onions and as a dough with clams, oysters, squid and mussels

막걸리 Makgeoli

Korean traditional liquors made from rice

된장찌개 Toenjang jjigae

Soybean paste stew with tofu, vegetables, seafood

김치찌개 Kimchi jjigae

Kimchi stew with pork or tuna

Local Markets

남대문 시장(Namdaemun Market)

- Subway Line 4, Hoehyeon(회현) station Exit 5 - Namdaemun Market used to sell mainly crops, fruits, and sundries, but now deals in textile goods, utensils, electronics, local produce, traditional crafts, imported goods, and much more. Specially popular for Accessories, Eyewears, Cameras, Korean Souvenirs. Market close on Sunday.

광장시장(Gwangjang Market)

- Subway Line 1, Jongro5ga(종로5가) station Exit 8
-  Gwangjang Market specializes in silk and satin Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing). The beauty of traditional clothing, which is available for comparatively cheap prices - Open : Normal shops 9am~ 6pm(Mon-Sat) Food section 9am~11pm(everyday) - Try to eat “Bindaedduk(빈대떡)  & Makguli(막걸리)”

동묘 벼룩시장(Dongmyo Flea Market)

- Subway Line 1 or 6, Dongmyo(동묘) station Exit 3 - Open : 9am ~ 6pm (everyday , Sunday is best to look around! - You can get everything there! From 1,000won T-shirts..etc.

Shopping Districts

동대문 (Dongdaemun Shopping Mall)

- Subway Line 1, & 4, Dongdaemun(동대문) station Exit 8 - Subway Line 2, 4, & 5, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park(동대문역사문화공원) Station Exit 14 - Dongdaemun has every fashion item imaginable: fabric, clothes, accessories, and wedding goods. The newest fashion trends, along with the newest fabrics, often make their debut in the market. - Open : 11am ~ 5am ( You can do shopping at midnight!)  

명동 (Myeongdong)

- Subway Line 4, Myeongdong(명동) station Exit 6 - Subway Line 2, Euljiro 1-ga(을지로1가, 을지로입구) station Exit 6 - Two anchor department stores (Lotte and Shinsegae) and a number of large shopping malls lie along the streets of Myeong-dong. Shops for clothing or cosmetics can be seen at every corner, and street stalls dot the spaces in between, offering tasty snacks, inexpensive clothes, or sparkling accessories.

이대 & 신촌(Ewha Univ. & Sinchon)

- Subway Line 2, Ewha Woman’s Univ.(이대입구) station Exit 2 - Subway Line 2, Sinchon (신촌) station Exit 2 - the street between Sinchon Station (Subway Line 2) and Edae (abbreviated for Ewha Women’s University) is a shopper’s paradise, offering a wide range of styles and prices. The collection of trendy stores, bars, and delicious cuisine draws out throngs of college students and other freethinkers year-round, making this one of the most creative and energetic places in the city.

신사동 가로수길(Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil)

- Subway Line 3, Sinsa (신사) station Exit 8 - The array of open studios, ateliers, cafés, restaurants, bars, fashion shops, and prop shops blend together for a chic cityscape. While other streets in Gangnam are said to be fancy and modern, Garosu-gil presents a fascinating dichotomy of the old and the new, the coolness of modern city life and the warmth of days gone by. Some people claim that Garosu-gil resembles Soho, New York; others liken it to a European street.

Mountains in Seoul

Mt. Bukhan(북한산)

Bus 109 (near Hyehwa station Exit 1) last stop

Mt. Dobong(도봉산)

Subway Line 1, Dobongsan station Exit 1

Mt. Inwang(인왕산)

Subway Line 3, Hongje station Exit 2

Hiking Course in Seoul

Seoul Fortress Trail

15mins walk from our hostel to the Waryong park(와룡공원) More details :Seoul City Wall * Bring your passport with you.

Parks in Seoul

Naksan Park(낙산공원)

15mins walk from our hostel, Subway Line 4, Hyehwa(혜화) station Exit 2

Yeoido Han River Park(여의도 한강공원)

Subway Line 5, Yeoinaru(여의나루) station Exit 2 or 3

Haneul Park(하늘공원)

Subway Line 6, World cup stadium station Exit 1

K-POP Entertainment Building

Subway Line3, Apgujeong(압구정)  Exit 2
Subway Line7,  Chungdam(청담) Exit 9
Subway Line2, Hapjeong(합정) Exit 7

How to apply for K-Pop Music Shows

Music programs are incredibly popular since audience members can see a number of their favorite singers perform all in one place. One big bonus is that, unlike concerts, tickets are free to those who apply online and are picked in the lucky draw. Let’s take a look at how you too can apply for tickets from each broadcasting company and attend some of your favorite TV music shows! Click Here =>

Useful Links

Korean Style Drinking for Beginners
Lesson 1 : Korean Alcohol
SOJU: Soju is the best known liquor from Korea.  It is distilled, vodka-like, rice liquor with high potency and often flavored similarly. It is smooth and clean in taste, which makes it easy to drink in combination with various Korean dishes. The main ingredient of soju is rice, almost always in combination with other ingredients such as wheat, barley, or sweet potatoes. Soju is clear-colored and typically varies in alcohol content from 10% to 25% proof.
MAEKJU:There are numerous alcoholic beverages popular in Korea aside from its traditional liquor Soju. The top 4 popular beers (maekju) are Hite, Cass, Dry and Max Lager.
Makkoli:, is an alcoholic beverage native to Korea. It is made from a mixture of wheat and rice, which gives it a milky, off-white color, and sweetness. It is made by fermenting a mixture of boiled rice, wheat and water, and is about 6–8% alcohol by volume. Most makkoli contains rice currently. However, a few brands contain wheat instead of rice.  
Lesson2 : Traditional Rules are still alive The Drinking Manners are a Part of the Korean Culture. When u want to do it right in front of Koreans then Follow the Manners:
  • 1) Don’t Decline the First Round – Even if you’re not a drinker, you should accept the first glass poured for you. If you decline, you’ll ruin the drinking mood. Afterwards, you’re safe, and can back out. Cite religious or health reasons if you must, but – be warned – drinking is an important part of Korean socializing, and if you refuse then you won’t be considered sociable. This is high-school peer pressure to a whole new level. So, when you finally cave, and give in to drinking with others, watch out for the next step
  • 2) Watch Your Hands – Never pour your own drink, for starters, and never let anyone pour their own drinks. Afterwards, when someone older than you offers you a drink, hold the glass with two hands. When you pour a drink for someone older than you, hold the bottle with two hands. It sounds odd, but you’ll get used to it. In fact, we recently met up with a friend here in Korea, and he was fully confused to see us holding our glasses when he poured out beer. Finally, refill someone’s glass if you see that it’s empty as well.
  • 3) Don’t Stop Drinking - The big difference between Korean and Western drinking is how we handle our limits. See, the way I’ve been raised is to respect my limits; if we get to the point that we’re drunk then it’s time to stop, drink some water, and sober up. Mission accomplished! The Korean attitude is different here. Getting drunk is only half the battle. Once you are drunk, the real challenge is in how much more you can drink before you drop. And when you drop it is only a timeout for you; get back on your feet and drink some more.
  • 4) Encourage Others – It is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged, to drink beyond your limits here in Korea, as your friends will goad you on. We’re used to saying “Chug Chug Chug!” back home; here, you’ll often hear “One shot! One shot!” which – obviously – suggests that you should drink it all down in just one shot (but it’s beyond me why this is in English and not Korean). As well, instead of the “cheers” we’re used to saying, get prepared to say “Kon-Bay!” before you clink your glasses.
  • 5) Drink in Public – There are no laws against public consumption of alcohol or against public drunkenness. Drunk and Disorderly conduct – though not appreciated – is common. After all, the restaurants people eat and drink in are too small to house all of their customers, so many people eat and drink outside. In fact, quite often we’ll see people drinking outside of convenience stores, as rickety plastic tables and chairs have been set out for people to sit and drink at.
  • 6) Drink Any Day You Want – What surprises us the most about drinking here is that it is done every day of the week, and isn’t necessarily strongest during the weekends. When we walk around Bucheon on Wednesday nights we see people in business suits shouting Kon-Bay and slamming down shots of Soju, then staggering home just as they would on the weekend.
  • 7) Have a Meal With that Drink – While we’re used to thinking in terms of having a drink with our meal, here in Korea the mentality is often to have a meal with that drink: the alcohol is the main course while small shared appetizers compliment the drink. Small fruit salads or crackers and chips will go nicely with that Soju.
Lesson 3 : Recommendable Pub around “INSIDE”
Wara Wara Wara Wara is in the building of CGV. Take the elevator to the 5th floor and you reach the bar that is constructed by Japanese and Modern Style Their specialty is they offer from Monday- Thursday Unlimited Beer for 2 Hours after 11pm Price: 6000 won. On Weekends cost a 700ml Beer 4000 won. My Opinion: The best way to start a Night before to go to clubbing or on Weekdays to take the Unlimited Offer.
King Sejong Restaurant You like Beer,Makkoli and Soju? Then this Place is just Perfect for you. Price: 13.000 won Beside Drinks you get some free Chicken, Korean Pancakes and Fish Cakes as Side Dishes.
Bonjur This Bar is just 1 Minute away from our Hostel. It has a really good Atmosphere. You can drink Beer and order some Sweet Potato Frites and Sausages. The Price is pretty good just 2900 won a Beer.
Moon Cart Bar You can see all the StreetFood Tents around the Hyewha Station. This Place have a one big Tent in a building. You have to order one Dish, but you get many Side Dishes as Free. For example Ramen, Eggs and Korean Pancake and that how much you want. But u have to cook your own Side Dishes. A perfect Way to meet Friends and have a good Talk.  
Chicken Thunder One of the Best Chicken Place around INSIDE. For all the Chicken Lovers a MUST. You can order a big Pitcher Beer and eat some delicious Chicken a perfect Start for the Night.   Lesson 4 : INSIDER TIPPS for the Perfect Night BUDGET: The Budget depends of course how much do you want to spend. I describe you now the Cheapest Way (Specially for Hongdae) Of my Perspective you need just maybe 25.000 Won for a Whole Night.   How? : Of Course you have to pay the entrance Fee and you get mostly the First Drink for Free, after this u can leave the Club anytime and walk to the next 7Eleven or any other Supermarket. And you can drink there. and after this you can go back to the Club. Easy right? But very effective for your Purse.  




  • Hongdae is near the Hongik University that’s means many Students.
  •   Cheaper Entrance Fee and Prices for Drinks
  •   Causal Clothes allowed
  • Business Area
  •   You have to dress up when you go to Gangnam. That means Causal Clothes are a No-Go.
  •   Expensive beside special Events
  •   Many Celebrities are clubbing in Gangnam.
  • Many Foreigner
  •   When you want to  Clubbing and you are alone you find pretty fast new Friends there
  Transportation: The Best Way to go to the Club is to take the Subway, but after 23.30pm the Subway closed so you have to take the Taxi back to us. But be smart don’t take the first Taxi what you see in front of the Club. The Cheapest way to crap a Cap is when you go to the nearest  Main Street and take there a Taxi.  A INSIDER Tipp: After 4am the Taxi are Cheaper. Taxi From Hongade to INSIDE:  ca. 10.000 won From Gangnam to INSIDE: ca. 15.000 won From Itawon to INSIDE: ca. 13.000 won   Lesson 5 : Clubs at “Hongdae”
  NB2Dresscode: No Dresscode (beside Shorts,FlipFlops)Entrance Fee: 10.000 -15.000 depends on Weekdays, Weekend or Event)Music: Hip Hop
  M2Dresscode: No Dresscode (beside Shorts,FlipFlops)Entrance Fee: 10.000 – 20.000 won (depends on Weekdays, Weekend or Event)Music: Hip Hop
  NakedDresscode: No Dresscode (beside Shorts,FlipFlops)Entrance Fee: On week days, the entrance before 10pm is free and after 10, its 10000 won. On week-ends, the entrance is    20000 won + 1 free drink coupon. Every Thursday night, it’s    Lady’s Night so girls can get free cocktails.Music: Hip Hop
  CocoonDresscode: No Dresscode (beside Shorts,FlipFlops)Entrance Fee: 10.000 – 25.000 Won (depends on Weekdays, Weekend or Event)Music: Most Electronic and House, but sometimes other Music Stile too.Special: After you paid your entrance fee, you will get a free drink coupon (limited to 10000 won) 
  VeraDresscode: No Dresscode (beside Shorts,FlipFlops)Entrance Fee: 10.000 – 15.000 won (depends on Weekdays, Weekend or Event)Music:Elctro & House
  Mama GorillaDresscode: No Dresscode (beside Shorts,FlipFlops)Entrance Fee: On Weekdays for Foreigner Free and on Weekends normally 10.000 won. (Depends on Events)After you pay the Entrance Fee you get a Coupon for One Free Drink. And you can visit Papa Gorilla and Big Baby for Free. Perfect for the little Money Pocket.Music: Hip Hop, Electro, House, Partymusic 
Lesson 6 : Clubs at “Gangname”


Club Eden is probably the most luxurious dance club in    Seoul. The Drinks are expensive but the Club is really Cool. You can meet some Famous Celebrity there or just good looking Guys and Girls.

Entrance Fee: 30.000 (but it can be more when they have some Special Event)

Dresscode: No Causal Clothes just good Dressing Outfits are allowed

Music: They play every Music Style, but mostly Electronic

More Directions:

By Cab

Tell the taxi driver “Gangnam Ritz-Carlton Hotel”. Facing the hotel doors, turn left and walk until you can turn right up a ridiculously steep hill. Eden is at the top of that hill.

By Subway

From Shin-Nonhyun Stn (Line #9, brown line), get out at exit #4. Walk up the hill towards Ritz Carlton. Make a right once you see a steep hill (immediately after Ritz Carlton), walk up the hill and Eden is right there. (<10 minutes by walk) From Gangnam Stn (Line #2, green line, get out at exit #7, walk straight until you hit the main intersection. Turn right and walk up the hill towards Ritz Carlton . Make a right once you see a steep hill (immediately after Ritz Carlton), walk up the hill and Eden is right there. (~20 minutes by walk)


If you’re in Gangnam (as in near Gangnam station) it’s a 5 – 10 minute taxi drive depending on traffic. Either go to Hakdong station and walk up the hill or ask your taxi driver for New Hilltop Hotel.

Standard entry gets you a free drink token, all you can really get with this is a beer. Drinks prices are what you expect for a club. There are sometimes offers so  check at the bar.

Entrance Fee: Thursday for all Foreigner for Free.

On Weekends it depends on Events but mostly 25.000 won.

Dresscode: No Causal Clothes just good Dressing Outfits are allowed

Music: They play every Music Style, but mostly Electronic

More Directions:

By Cab

Tell the taxi driver “Gangnam Ritz-Carlton Hotel”. Facing the hotel doors, turn left and walk until you can turn right up a ridiculously steep hill. Eden is at the top of that hill.

By Subway

From Shin-Nonhyun Stn (Line #9, brown line), get out at exit #4. Walk up the hill towards Ritz Carlton. Make a right once you see a steep hill (immediately after Ritz Carlton), walk up the hill and Eden is right there. (<10 minutes by walk) From Gangnam Stn (Line #2, green line), get out at exit #7, walk straight until you hit the main intersection. Turn right and walk up the hill towards Ritz Carlton. Make a right once you see a steep hill (immediately after Ritz Carlton), walk up the hill and Eden is right there. (~20 minutes by walk)

Clubs (Hongik Uni. Neighborhood)

Hongdae refers to the area stretching from Hongik Univ. Station (line 2) to the main entrance of Hongik University and is lined with unique coffee houses, small venues for indie rock concerts, live music bars, jazz and dance clubs.

노래방 Noraebang (Korean Style Karaoke)

Karaoke is most commonly called “Noraebang” (노래방, literally, “song room”) in Korea, but various Korean alternatives like Norae yeonseupjang (노래연습장), or Norae yeonseupshil (노래연습실) are also sometimes used. Noraebang consist of multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment, usually rented out for time periods. There is easily found everywhere on the street in  busy districts. Korean usually go there with friends after drinking at night.

찜질방 Jjimjilbang (Korean Style Heath Spa)

A Jjimjilbang (찜질방) is a large, gender-segregated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Finnish-style saunas, and massage tables, similar to a Korean sauna or mogyoktang. However, in other areas of the building or on other floors there are unisex areas, usually with a snack bar, ondol-heated floor for lounging and sleeping, wide-screen TVs, exercise rooms, ice rooms, heated salt rooms and sleeping quarters with either bunk beds or sleeping mats.
  • Dragon Hill Spa : Subway Line 1, Yongsan(용산) station Exit 1
  • Sheraton Spa : Subway Line 2, Guro Digital Complex (구로디지털단지) station Exit 3
  • Spalex : Subway Line 4, Dongdaemun History&Culture Park (동대문 역사문화공원) station